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Arboriculture & Forestry

Arboriculture and Forestry student Shuttleworth College


Surrounded by acres of stunning parkland and woodland, we have a range of chainsaw-related qualifications that will help you to develop the correct and safe skills for carrying out your work.

All of our arboricultural and chainsaw training courses offer you great value for money. In many cases you will be taught by the same trainers who have previously worked for large, national training businesses, ensuring you access the best expertise but without the corporate price tag.

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A member of staff harnessed from a tree.
Meet our staff

Tom - Lecturer

I teach: Horticulture and Landscaping Apprenticeships

About me: I am interested in all aspects of aerial and ground based arboriculture and in my spare time I have been involved with a group of fellow climbers who look to find, climb and measure tall trees around the country. As well as teaching, I am also involved with the internal quality assurance of courses here at Shuttleworth.

arboriculture andrew Shuttleworth
Meet our staff

Andrew - Technician

I provide: Assessments for commercial courses while also providing technical and teaching support across all of the Land & Environment courses, especially those that require the use of machinery.

About me: I look after all of the farm and horticultural machinery, as well as the workshops here at Shuttleworth.  I also perform the work experience health and safety visits. Prior to working at Shuttleworth I was an estate forester on a 5,000 acre estate.  I felled trees, milled timber and carried out lots of tree inspections.  Prior to this I drove harvesters and forwarders in the forests of Finland.