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Our Purpose, Vision & Values

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Our purpose:

To help individuals, communities and society flourish through education by raising aspirations and reducing inequality to create a sustainable future.

Our vision:

To be the best and most authoritative post-16 educator in the south east midlands.


Our values:
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Valuing Teamwork:

We are one team who by working together can achieve great things, respecting the opinion and valuing the contribution each of us makes.

Social Science Access to Higher Education Advanced (Level 3).
Improving continuously:

We challenge ourselves to always do better by trying new things, sharing knowledge, reflecting on practice and learning from others.

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Student centred:

At our heart is always doing what is best for our students. We consider students in all of our decision making to create positive outcomes and memorable experiences for every student.

LGBT Inclusion

We celebrate differences and diversity, recognising that we can learn from each other.

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Open & Caring:

We care about the wellbeing of our staff, our students, our community and wider society, creating an environment built on trust where we listen, engage with and support each other.

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Nurturing Educational excellence:

We promote educational excellence by delivering programmes that challenge our students to achieve their ambitions.