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Animal Sciences

Zoological Education Centre Shuttleworth College

Welcome to our brand new Zoological Education Centre

We are proud to provide our Animal Sciences students with a brand new centre to accommodate a wide range of species with a very unique twist! This centre is the first of its kind within the state education system to house a biosphere, allowing for an immersive experience with the natural world. A wide variety of species from avian, amphibia, reptilian and mammalian will live in naturalistic enclosures, enhancing experiences for our students and visitors alike.

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Animal Management Shuttleworth College students

Why choose us?

Our courses will enable you to develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to pursue a successful career working with animals. The new Zoological Education Centre provides high-quality learning opportunities in a practical environment. It is a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved facility where experienced staff provide care to the highest modern welfare standards, enabling you to observe and develop current industry-relevant skills.

Animal Sciences student Shuttleworth College

Industry opportunities

We help students to establish conservation skills focusing on the ethical considerations of the world’s wildlife. We do this by working alongside zoos and wildlife parks to provide good quality education within a specialist focus of living things and caring for the environment. This not only broadens your skills, but helps us to maintain vulnerable species here at Shuttleworth.

We also focus on enhancing sustainability, including the growing of animal feed and effective waste management systems with the vision of minimal waste provision. These are all areas of the industry that are important to understand. Some courses will also include a work experience placement, enabling you to transfer your skills into the workplace.

Animal Management students Shuttleworth College Zoological Education Centre

Expert tutors and top-class facilities

Our existing animal centre has previously scooped prestigious Blue Cross awards in three categories including best overall animal unit for welfare; best bird welfare management and best amphibian and reptile management. Animals housed and maintained here at Shuttleworth College play an important role in building skills for students who plan to work in animal-focused industries.

Our tutors are dedicated and passionate with a wealth of industry experience behind them.


Animal Management student Shuttleworth College
What can I do next?

Student success

Our unique approach will allow you to develop your skills and improve your knowledge and understanding for a wide range of specialties. Imagine the discoveries that can be made by moving a leaf to find a tropical amphibian, listening to real life exotic bird calls and waiting for a free-roaming lizard to cross your path.

We want to inspire the naturalists of the future, the generation that will go out into the world and make a difference conserving and preserving the natural world. Education needs to keep pace with the animal industry – and what better way to do this than creating an enrapturing tropical paradise.