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Powering the Workforce of The South East Midlands

Cauldwell Tower block, view next to river.

Yiannis Koursis OBE, the new Chief Executive of The Bedford College Group, shares his vision for the future.

Located in the heart of the South East Midlands, the Group is more than just an educational institution. It serves as a catalyst, igniting the region’s potential to thrive and become a dynamic powerhouse of talent and skill.

Providing an expertly trained workforce is crucial to the region’s success, as well as to the government, regional partnerships, local authorities, employers and businesses.

The Group offers a comprehensive range of educational and skills pathways for school leavers seeking T levels, A-levels, Apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications, Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, or traditional paths to Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Yiannis Koursis OBE, the new CEO of The Bedford College Group.

Aligning with the needs and demands of communities and business

As the new Chief Executive Officer of one of the nation’s largest further education colleges, Yiannis aims to utilise the Group’s scale to influence the curriculum and courses to ensure that the Group is fully aligned with the needs and demands of its communities and businesses.

The Group is not only focused on improving attainment but also on raising aspirations for all. The Bedford Sixth Form, which has a growing population of 1,000 students, is a testament to this effort, solidifying the Group’s record of sending more young people to university than any other institution in the region. This success is mirrored in the recently opened Sixth Form in Corby.

Cauldwell Tower block, view next to river.
Central Bedfordshire College Campus (Dunstable).
Tresham College Corby Campus

Commitment to Innovation

The Group’s reach extends to Corby, Kettering, Silverstone, Wellingborough, Leighton Buzzard, and Luton, providing a steady stream of skilled candidates for organisations across the UK and abroad. The Group showcases its commitment to innovation in Bedford’s newly opened, eco-refurbished riverside campus. The campus offers state-of-the-art training in health sciences, engineering, construction, and digital skills alongside degree-level arts and care. Bedford College also includes the Gas and Heating Centre, where recruits are trained in the green technologies of tomorrow. The Group’s Advanced Motor Vehicle department is also pioneering the way in educating car maintenance staff in handling electric cars.

Further South, Central Bedfordshire College was recently integrated into the University Centre provision for the Group, offering degree-level learning and pathways to university for learners of all ages. In every location, the Group will leverage its state-of-the-art assets to align, modernise and refresh its curriculum offer to reflect the rapidly evolving world.