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The future’s orange

James Woolley

Orange is the new red when it comes to safety in the electric motor vehicle business. Vehicle batteries emit up to 500 volts and are deadly in the hands of the inexperienced.

Essential training courses are available now at the new-look Advanced Automotive Technology Centre in Brunel Road, Bedford.

“Last year 10% of the new car market was electric and hybrid, that will only increase. Of the 100s of local garages and repairs shops locally only a handful are qualified – others are turning away work on electric vehicles. They need to sign up sooner rather than later for their own safety and to stay in business,” said James Woolley, Head of Motor Vehicle.

Students from the age of 16 upwards can take a series of motor vehicle courses at the college, which still cover petrol cars of course, but include the science behind electric battery powered vehicles. From the theory students can progress to safety courses which enable them to work on the “orange for danger” elements of the cars.

The college has its own hybrid vehicle at the recently overhauled premises in Brunel Road which was formerly an engineering centre – now relocated to the college campus in Cauldwell Street in town.

The Bedford College Group’s motor vehicle unit was previously at Triumph Way in Kempston.

The Gas and Plumbing Technology Centre remains in the same road of the industrial estate.

Did you know: 

Nationally there are 450,000 mechanics who will require the Level 3 Electric Vehicle Course qualification to be able to work on electric cars.

After 2030 only new electric/hybrid cars will be sold in the UK

Current guidelines apply only to cars, announcements about vans and lorries have yet to be made.

This photo shows a battery in the boot of college hybrid car, fully electric vehicles will have batteries more than three times that size set in across the bottom of the car. A plug-in hybrid vehicle battery will last for about 30 miles before switching back to petrol.

Trades people are invited to a mince pie morning on Friday 17th December to see the new facility.