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T-level to NHS apprenticeship

T-level to NHS apprenticeship PR Story

Kettering’s Katie Moreland has her first foot on the ladder of a career in the NHS – thanks to a work placement scheme run by Tresham College as part of a pioneering T-levels project.

T-levels are a new Government qualification where young people combine classroom studies with 315 hours in the workplace.

T-level to NHS apprenticeship PR Story

For Katie, aged 17, it was so much better than school who said: “With a T-level work placement you were challenged in different ways, treated like an adult and able to respond like one. I didn’t want to be in class, I wanted to be in work and the T-level course helped me gain such useful experience at Kettering General Hospital. Now I have been taken on as an apprentice in the Therapies Clinic and am really enjoying it. My family are really pleased.”

Tresham College, part of The Bedford College Group, has been pioneering the work-placement element of T-levels across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire over the last year.

Sheila Turner, Head of Learning and Education at KGH Foundation Trust said: “We are looking into taking more young people via the T-level route, particularly in Business Administration but also other areas, as well as expanding our apprenticeship learner pathways.”

Julie Hoult, Head of Business Development at Tresham College added: “The KGH Foundation Trust has been incredibly supportive with the T-level pilot and we hope to continue working with them in the future. As a major employer in Kettering, the Trust sets an outstanding example to others about the benefits of T-level work placements. They have cut a path which we hope more will follow.”

Leading the T-level project is The Bedford College Group Director, Tony Joyce, who has worked on a wide range of projects where employers were encouraged to “test drive” potential employees before making the commitment of offering them a job. He said:

We work very closely with employers across the college, with all our students being encouraged to complete a minimum of 20 hours of work experience during their courses. T-levels are evolving as we speak, and the Group is bringing its expertise to bear in dealing with employers as well the challenges of meeting work-placements hours for students who may have part-time jobs or home life commitments.

The complete work placement and class course T-levels will be run by The Bedford College Group from September 2021.

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