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Seatons Solicitors – helpful professionals

Business students 2019 Bedford College

Work experiences made available to young people through Tresham College are wide and wonderful.

The college, as part of The Bedford College Group, has links to 1,500 businesses across the region and has work experience co-ordinators dedicated to securing placements.

One of the latest opportunities was completed by Level 3 Business student Rias Prescod  who was given a full weeks experience of the workplace at “the friendly professionals” Seatons Solicitors after he wanted a taste of legal life.

Said Rias:

On the first day of work at Seatons, they invited me to sit in on meetings and observe to see how they talk professionally to clients. I also got to witness the day to day activities of solicitors in the office, which was a really insightful experience. It gave me an understanding of the administrative tasks that go on alongside all of the legal work being done, to create a smooth operation in the office.

“When I wasn’t joining meetings, I would be carrying out administrative tasks like photocopying, printing, filing and producing notes on old wills, which all helped me to learn about the procedures and processes of the business and its systems. Another activity they tasked me with was to ring up estates agents in regards to a certain case. At first I was apprehensive as I wasn’t sure if I was ready to represent the business over the phone, but ultimately it made me step up to the task and be confident in the way I was speaking and the way I was representing the business to these estate agents.

I definitely feel that this experience will benefit me a lot on my course. My note taking skills improvised the most when I was sitting in on meetings as I would have to write quickly and ensure everything I was taking down was being written accurately and in time with the conversation. This will therefore help me in the classroom setting where by the end of lessons I feel I’ll be able to produce great summaries of what is covered. From this, when I move into the world of work, the administrative tasks that I picked up on from my time at Seatons, are skills that I’ll be able to take with me into any office based work environment.

I most enjoyed sitting in on client meetings. I found these to be really interesting as I got to listen to what issues they were bringing to Seatons and how the business was going to help resolve them. As a result, I felt really immersed in what was going on.

After I finish my course, I’m looking to study law at the University of Essex.”

Adrian Chambers Solicitor/Director of Seatons, who have offices in Kettering and Corby said:

“Rias is a very positive, willing, intelligent and friendly young person and I think he’ll be very successful in what he chooses to pursue in the future.’

If you would like to offer students at Tresham College the opportunity for work experience please contact For more information about Seatons Solicitors visit

Tresham College student on work experience with Seatons Solicitors
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