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Next layer of painters

next layer of painters

Demand for painters and decorators is on the increase, and mentor Mike Poole of Northamptonshire is helping create the next generation of skilled professionals.

Formerly in the media business, Mike has been encouraging young talent in the decorating field so successfully he even won a prize in the Dulux Select Decorators Awards as Mentor of the Year.

Employers like Mike are needed to offer valuable work experience or apprenticeship opportunities to young people so they can go on to have sustainable careers in construction-related trades.

Painting and decorating students

Passing on essential skills

Working with him currently is Oscar Bunting, who joined during the Covid-restrictions thanks to The Bedford College Group arranging an apprenticeship. Now two years into this three -year-course, Oscar can be found out and about with Mike and team improving homes inside and out across Northamptonshire.

He works with Max Knight and a work experience student Nathan Japp, who are all learning not the tricks of the trade but the full range of skills needed when dealing with customers, working in people’s homes, and learning how to run a successful business from the skirting board upwards.

“I am very passionate about my work as a painter and decorator, so passing on the essential skills of the trade to young people has been a real joy. I would recommend that others consider taking on an apprentice, sometimes you can learn more yourself as  you explain the craft to them,” said Mike.

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