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Keep on motoring

Staff and Students outside Motor Vehicle Centre Central Bedfordshire College (CBC).

There are more cars on the road in Britain than ever before with the highest number still being petrol and diesel.

Even on electric cars, there is still a demand for motor vehicle skills of the sort being taught at the Central Beds College Motor Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering campus in Luton Road, Dunstable.

With more than 100 full-time students, plus those who attend part-time in the evening to update their skills, the campus is on course to have a record number of students from September 2023.

“We have people enrolling to become mechanics and engineers who are looking to re-train in a different field, recognising the demand for people who can work on machinery and cars.  More young people are driving cars and riding bikes rather than using public transport and want to gain the experience and knowledge to maintain their own vehicles.  Private car ownership is still huge in the UK, and van and trucks are everywhere – all of them need mechanics and engineers.

“Being a mechanic can be a well-paid job and transport is a sector that will never disappear,”

explains Samantha Adams, Head of Department for Motor Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering at the campus.

Samantha Adams in front of Engineering and Motor Vehicle Signage
Students at Motor Vehicle Central Bedfordshire College (CBC).
Students at Motor Vehicle Central Bedfordshire College (CBC).
Samantha Adams in motor vehicle department.

A fantastic team

Sam worked in Health and Social Care education prior to making the move to motor vehicle and mechanical engineering. Having a private passion and interest in motorbikes and cars made the transition exciting.

She had two teaching assistants who are now teachers at the centre: Celeste Gomez-Metro and Louise Goodwin. Mike Green is a former student who is now a teacher, Chris Wising teaches the Level 3 engineering and Rob McKenzie brings a huge range of experience from industry in motor electronics.

“We have a fantastic team here, who bring so much to preparing young people for the world of work and life in the adult world,”

said Sam, who was once a student a Dunstable College, which became Central Beds College, now part of The Bedford College Group which includes ALL FE colleges in Bedfordshire.

TBCG has its own award-winning Advanced Automotive Centre in Barker’s Lane, Bedford where preparing people to work on electric vehicles (EV) draws in trainees from across the region. Major companies send their in-house mechanics to upgrade their skills to include being able to manage the powerful batteries used in EVs.

“We are looking forward to working with our new colleagues at Bedford and sharing our experiences and expertise,”

added Sam.

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