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Games King shows way

Exterior of the South Bank Centre.

Budding entrepreneur Jacob King has been sharing his experience in the games design world with students at Bedford College.

Jacob, who has worked with a major TV network has skills in 3D Art, Texturing and Animation, video development and cinematography, which he put to use in a workshop towards the end of the summer term.

“After finishing sixth form I took a gap year to start a small games/tech company with two of my friends. During the year, working with Deity Productions, we organised our budget, opened an office and ended up creating several small creative projects alongside more traditional outsourced software development work for several companies,”

explained Jacob.

Jacob King portrait, news story.
Keeping up in a fast-moving industry

Off to university, then Jacob gained at 1st Class Degree in Games Art and started producing assets for studio and clients.

“During this time we started another indie company which ended up working with several publishers and licenses from a major TV network,”

said Jacob, 

“The lesson here for students is that this industry is moving so fast you have to be agile to keep up.

“Taking the team from my final undergrad project, I went on to pitch a game concept to the Launchpad program at Falmouth University. Launchpad is a MSc program which assists new tech companies to incorporate and grow their businesses alongside attaining a Master’s Degree in Business Entrepreneurship. 

“The program is incredibly challenging, and required much dedication and hard work in order to complete. We were able to successfully build a minimal viable product of our game concept, alongside all relevant documentation and pitching materials.

“I lead all the presentations, and we were able to sign an IP deal with AMC Networks to develop a game based on one of their television shows. This was a massive achievement for a new, young team such as ours. 

“After we had completed the academic side of the course and attained an MSc in Business, we went on to pitch our game to several publishers from all over the world – an incredible and rewarding experience.”

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