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Tresham College Games Design FE

Staff at The Bedford College Group have the X-Box Factor when it comes to the new ‘career sphere’ of 3D games art modelling.

Director of the Arts, Toby Clark and lecturer Phil Romeo recently helped to select the winner at the UK finals for WorldSkills which will see them representing the UK at the international finals being held in Kazan, Russia in August 2019, the Olympics of skills training.

Toby and Phil worked alongside WorldSkills Chief Expert Mike Spence to identify the next generation’s top talent in the growing international multi-billion pound business of 3D Digital Game Art.

They were invited because Bedford College, part of The Bedford College Group, is one of a limited number of Further Education locations in the UK which offers a computerised design course covering animation and games.

Phil Romeo Teaching Excellence

Lecturer Phil explains the fast-moving the field:

It literally changes from month to month and this means that students are sometimes the ones who recognise a new trend or technique that has just ‘dropped’ for us all to look into together. 

We have a class of 30, with many more interested in studying with us, who collaborate in sharing the latest ideas whilst learning the professional disciplines of the industry.

The WorldSkills competition was all about the design and technical processes involved in creating a character outfit suitable for a modern video game. This covered concept art, 3D modelling, texture art, rigging and finally animating to a professional standard.

Phil, aged 31 from Shefford, is a designer in his own right – having created a number of pilots and is pictured here with one of his early pieces of work.

To add to the expertise on offer at the college, industry guests are invited in to offer advice to students on the course. Andy Kind VFX Supervisor from Framestore of London, who are world leaders in the industry, gave a presentation that included the work on Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald.

Phil commented: “It was real kudos to have someone from Framestore here. They explained that the career options were very flexible but it is more about having a passion and desire to learn that is important. Being prepared to start at the bottom and learning with team is often the way in.

If you are interested in learning more from the real experts in this fast moving field visit:

More details on the WorldSkills competitions can be found here.

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