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Founders of the future

Bedford College Auto Centre Brunel Rd

Engineering and Automotive students from The Bedford College Group competed against each other in a challenge set by the charity Founders, which focuses on materials and metallurgy expertise.

From four original teams from Bedford and Northants who took park in the enrichment activity, the winners were the Advanced Automotive teams from the Brunel Road Advanced Automotive Centre, part of The Bedford College Group.

Motor Vehicle Banner Pic 1 The Bedford College Group
Engineering student and tutor Tresham College

Winning design

As part of the competition they had to come up with a way of improving the suspension of a vehicle. An Engineering team from Tresham College (part of the Group based in Northamptonshire) designed a component to add to the vehicle, while Automotive set up a full-customised suspension system.

“It was designed, fabricated and fitted to a vehicle and the judges decided it was a winner,”

said Head of Motor Vehicle James Woolley.

Said Mohammad Milani, Vice Principal of The Bedford College Group:

“The Founders were really pleased with the results and we hope to make this an annual event with their support.”

The Bedford College Group runs engineering, motor vehicle, and related technology courses across its campuses and locations in Bedfordshire and North Northamptonshire. It leads the way in regional employer engagement in these fields and offers progressions routes up to BSc degrees and other Higher Education qualifications.


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