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Focus on High Fashion

Focus on High Fashion PR Story

The Bedford College Group is improving access to Higher Education by degrees.

Already offering BAs and BScs, it has now agreed with the University of Northampton to offer degrees in Fashion and Photography at Bedford College’s South Bank Arts Centre.

Students on Level 4 and 5 courses will be able to continue studying for the full degree at the South Banks Arts Centre in town.

Focus on High Fashion PR Story

Sue Blackman Director of Higher Education at The Bedford College Group said:

“There are a variety of arrangements which we have in place offering a franchised Level 6 course, which means degree-level learning, or the term “top up” can be applied – but effectively The Bedford College Group is becoming a gateway to great careers for those who gain a university qualification with us.

The Bedford College Group was formed in August 2017, following the merger of Tresham College and Bedford College. The group provides a wide range of undergraduate courses, giving students more choices, opportunities and experiences based at Bedford College, Shuttleworth College in Biggleswade and Tresham College’s Kettering and Corby campuses.

The Group has strong partnerships with the University of Bedfordshire and the University of Northampton, which allows students the opportunity to complete full honours degrees in various subjects.

By studying at an FE campus students are able to take advantage of great facilities, smaller group sizes and competitive tuition fees. Bedford College has a long track record of preparing people for Higher education supported by employers now including Higher Apprenticeships.

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