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Country style job

Students working in the countryside.

The first step in a career to the sort of ‘outdoor’ job that some people dream of, is on offer at Shuttleworth College.

People are welcome to come to a taster day at Shuttleworth near Biggleswade on August 30th if they want to see for themselves what might be involved.

Students working in the countryside.

Transport will be laid on to take people on a 12-week conservation course this autumn which could set them on a country path to work as a:

  • park ranger
  • estate worker
  • gardener, site, or woodland manager
  • visitor attraction co-ordinator or tour guide
  • conservationist or ecologist
  • landscape or heritage restoration worker

Apply to  before the close of day on August 30th

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“How to get into careers in the countryside if you don’t come from a farming family can seem a distant dream for some young people who live in urban areas. But if you are genuinely interested in an outdoor job, this course offers access to settings like Flitwick Moor, Coopers Heath at Ampthill and the RSPB at Sandy,”

Explained long-standing Shuttleworth College land-based learning Director Mike Johnston (now Vice Principal of The Bedford College Group).

After the course leading to a BTEC L2 Certificate in Countryside and Environment there are the possibilities of apprenticeships in a variety of work settings, the option to take that study up a gear on a full-time course at Shuttleworth (transport available) as well the continuing opportunity to volunteer as part of the Greensand County Landscape Partnership which runs 40 projects in the area.

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