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Building on bricklaying skills

ABC Bricklayers

The Bedford College Group is supporting pioneering professional training for those wanting to be the bricklayers of the future.

Full-time students have been benefitting from industry-recognised Association of Brickwork Contractors (ABC) courses in modern masonry techniques.

The ABC Assessment Centre is the first training provider to offer Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)-approved accreditation in relation to ancillary bricklaying processes. The courses include practical and theoretical experience in brick-slip systems, fire barriers, brick soffits, windpost installation and masonry support angles. Delivered by experts with decades of brickwork experience, trainees will, on competition of their course, have certification providing visible proof of their new-found expertise.

Simon Livett, Centre Manager at the ABC Assessment Centre, said: “The training programme is our response to industry demand for more, better-skilled operatives in the brickwork sector. Over the years, manufacturers have developed many fantastic aids for bricklayers, particularly in the commercial building sector with regards to the creation of brick-slip façade cladding systems and the like.

“But there’s a growing feeling that onsite, the level of workmanship has not necessarily kept pace with the evolution of new products and bricklaying techniques. Therefore, in conjunction with the ABC membership, we’ve devised a comprehensive suite of training courses delivered by experts in a range of modern brickwork installations, as well as covering a variety of core competencies.”

David Wilkins Director of Construction and Building Service said: “This is a great partnership between the ABC (Association of Brickwork Contractors) and the Group, to deliver a programme of modules to full-time student bricklayers to demonstrate various modern techniques. This is being undertaken in several colleges across the UK and we are delighted to part of that pioneering activity.”

The Bedford College Group is involved with multiple employer, training and government advisory groups which combine to identify the skills which are necessary to support the UK construction industry in coming decades. Sixteen to 60-year-olds+ receive training in the most relevant techniques to ensure they can meet the demands of the modern and fast changing industry.

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