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100+ apprenticeships on offer

Bedford College Group Apprenticeship Students

16-year-olds and upwards can benefit from more than 100 “earn while you learn” employment and training apprenticeship packages on offer via The Bedford College Group.

Employers across Beds and Northants and beyond are seeking bright, young talent to take the first steps on career paths which can lead to promotions and in some cases the chance to “get a degree while working”.

More than 60 different industry programmes offer apprenticeships from agriculture to warehousing, and from small firms to international giants like Vauxhall.

“We have 2,500 apprentices at various stages of training at all times,” said Director of Apprentices Debbie Houghton of The Bedford College Group,

“This year there is more and more demand from employers who want to take young people into the heart of their organisations via the apprenticeship route.

For many young people this is the first small step from school into the world of work, an introduction, supported by college staff. It is such a great opportunity and means that by the age of 21 you could have five years real work experience under your belt and be well placed to seek promotion.

“Companies that invest in training staff and enjoy their loyalty, will often support employees through further training in professional qualifications and in some cases up to degree-level – all without the young person having to away to university and incurring debts of £30,000 or more.

“Not everyone wants to stay on at school until they are 18, not everyone wants to go to university at 18, but instead they can get a good grounding a job and then pick up the educational pace later once they have decided what they want to do.

No one has job for life these days so why tie yourself into the university money-eating machine which spits your out at the other end with little or no work experience and you find yourself competing for jobs with others who have a proven work track record and qualifications more relevant to the industry.

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