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Where to start if you haven't got any idea what to study at College

Art & Design Intermediate (Level 2).

Do you want to go to college but don’t know what to study?

Do you feel confused by the large amount of subjects available? Are you worried about making a wrong decision? We’ve put together some useful pointers to help you out.

  1. Thinking about you… There are lots of factors that can help you decide what subject is the best fit for you. These include: your interests; your strengths and what you’re good at; your personality; your experience and your career plans. For instance, are you good at practical tasks? Do you have a particular talent? Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Did you do particularly well in a subject at school and would consider taking it further? Would you like to go to university and therefore require a course that carries UCAS points? These are all good talking points and, once you‘ve worked through them, you should have a clearer picture of what will suit you, what you’ll enjoy, and what will be a good fit with any career plans you may already have.
  2. Getting the information… Take a look through the College prospectus. This will give you a taste of the careers each subject could lead to, what higher education options will be available, what it’s like to study in each department and what past students have gone on to do. Also, check out YourSpace Online at which is our Student services website full of great careers advice
  3. Looking beyond the title… You now know the subject area, but what about the course? Two courses that look similar on paper can be very different in reality. For instance, what modules does the course cover? Will you be assessed via exams, coursework or both? How many days a week will you be in College? How much are you expected to study at home? An open evening is the perfect chance to get down to the nitty gritty with the subject tutors and really make sure you’re choosing the best course – or pathway – for you.
  4. Taking the step… You’ve thought about what you want and researched the courses; now it’s time to make your application. You’ll be invited to an interview once you’ve applied. Don’t panic, this is a two way process and simply an opportunity to make sure you will be completely happy on your chosen course. You’ll also have your welcome day to look forward to at the end of the summer – a taste of things to come in September!
  5. We’re here to help… We understand it can be stressful choosing the right course, but it should be an exciting time too! Just remember that our Careers Team are here to help not just current students, but prospective students as well. So drop in or give them a call if you need any advice. They’ll be happy to help.
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