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What parents/carers need to know about apprenticeships

Apprentice construction

An apprentice spends 80% of their time in the workplace and the other 20% is spent studying for their nationally recognised qualification. The days an apprentice spends at the College studying count as working days and will still be paid.

Each apprenticeship is different; some will require the apprentice to attend College one day a week, some require block placement and some apprentices complete all of their qualification in the workplace.

What are the benefits of my child doing an apprenticeship?

There are many benefits for young people when they do an apprenticeship but here’s just the top five:

  1. Earn whilst they learn – Doing an apprenticeship means your child can become independent and earn their own income whilst still working towards a nationally recognised qualification.
  2. Learn all the skills they need to succeed – During an apprenticeship, your child will train for all the skills employers want which will help them succeed in their chosen career and gain valuable experience.
  3. No fees for apprenticeships – The apprenticeship is funded from contributions by the government and the employer so there will be no debt to worry about.
  4. Gain recognised qualifications up to degree-level – We offer apprenticeships from GCSE through to degree-level so your child could gain a degree whilst earning a salary.
  5. Future-proofing their career – Around 90% of apprentices stay in employment after completing their apprenticeship (source: This means that your child will have excellent career prospects after completing an apprenticeship.

Why choose to do apprenticeship with The Bedford College Group?

As an apprentice at The Bedford College Group, your child will have a wide range of apprenticeships to choose from and access to the best employers.

How to find an apprenticeship

You can browse our latest vacancies online here.

If your child doesn’t see a vacancy they’re interested, you can attend one of our  Open Days or book in for an insight session with a member of our Apprenticeship Recruitment Team using the contact details below.

For more information on the process and how you can support your child throughout the application stage, check out our Parent & Carer Guide.

If you have any questions, get in touch by phone 01234 291375 or by email