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Student bag essentials

Tresham College Kettering Campus

Do you often get to college and realise you’ve forgotten something important? Or are you fed up of carrying too much to and from home everyday and not using half of what you bring? Whatever your student bag woes, we’re here to help! 

Check out our list of essentials below. They might not all be relevant to you, but it’s a good place to start. Why not make your own list so you can check everything off before you leave in the morning? It will make sure you don’t forget anything and stop you taking stuff you don’t really need!

Pencil case: A couple of pens, highlighter, pencil, rubber, ruler and pencil sharpener. If you need other specific equipment for your course, such as a compass, make sure that’s in there too.

Notepad and lesson notes: Make sure you have plenty of paper to take notes during classes. Top tip: Take the notes you make out of the notepad every night and file into the relevant folder at home so you don’t lose them.

Textbooks: Remember to check your timetable and take all the books you need for each lesson every day.

Diary/planner: You’ll need this to record deadlines for homework, events that are coming up and other important dates such as, dare we say it, exams?!

Thin ring binder or plastic wallet: This is to keep any handouts and other sheets of paper you are given safe. Top tip: If your binders are getting heavy, take a small one to college every day with the stuff you’re currently working on and transfer the work to the bigger ones once you get home.

Post its or page markers: These are really handy for making notes during class and saving pages in a textbook.

Student ID: You need this to gain entry to the campus every day, so don’t forget it!

Bus pass: Again, you’ll need this if you use a bus to get to college. Save some pounds and make sure it’s in the bag!

Student handbook: Conveniently compact, our student handbook is definitely a student bag essential, full of useful information from phone numbers to tips and advice.

USB stick: These are great to bring work, such as presentations, into college and to save something digitally when you don’t have your laptop with you.

Umbrella: Need we say more?!

Water bottle: It’s a well known fact that drinking plenty of water helps improve focus and concentration. Top tip: There are water coolers placed all around the college campus, so bring a refillable bottle and stay hydrated!

Snacks: We have some great food outlets on campus but if you need to stave off the munchies, a healthy snack such as a cereal bar is easy to eat on the go and will tide you over between meals.

Sunglasses: If and when the sun does make an appearance, sunglasses are essential in summer and winter!

Phone: Not to be used in class of course, but no one wants to forget this!