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Coping with change

Bedford College Student Services
One of the first big changes in our lives often comes when we leave school. It’s everything we’ve ever known for the last 12 years of our lives and suddenly it’s time to move on! Yes, it’s exciting but it can also be quite daunting. Here we share some key points that we hope might help if you’re feeling the pressures of change.

Focus on the positives: Turning negative thoughts into positive ones can really help to embrace change. Are you worried about leaving your friends who are going to a different college or staying on at sixth form? What about all the new friends you are going to make? And who said you have to lose touch with your old friends? Positive thinking is key!

Look for new opportunities: College is full of new and exciting opportunities. From joining clubs and societies to going on trips and entering competitions. Getting involved with things, especially in the first term, will keep you busy and focused on all the great stuff that’s still to come.

Eat well and exercise: On a similar note, taking care of yourself will really help you to feel better in yourself and therefore more confident to tackle new situations.

Do what you can to make life easier: There’s already a lot going on, so the last thing you need is to fall behind on work or not be doing as well as you thought you might. Put some simple measures in place to help yourself out – keep a diary of deadlines, update your to do list regularly and generally stay organised.

Acknowledge that things have changed and it’s a good thing: The key thing here is that life moves on. Yes it’s scary at first, but after a few weeks you’ll have settled into your new routine and we bet you’ll be loving college life. It won’t be long before you’ll be looking back wondering why you worried so much!

Remember, our Student Services team are here to help. They’re a lovely, friendly bunch and are here to listen to your concerns, so don’t hesitate to go and see them if you need some advice. You can find more information about out Student Services team here.