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Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Student Support The Bedford College Group

The college has been working with local groups and this is helping us to tailor what we offer.

Our courses

Following on from this Summer’s Summer school (running 11 July – 19th August and now at full capacity), Bedford College will be running a range of ESOL (English as a Second Language) courses from September.

ESOL courses

These are at the following levels:

  • Pre-Entry (Pre-Beginners)
  • Entry 1 (Beginners)
  • Entry 2 (Elementary)
  • Entry 3 (Lower Intermediate)
  • Entry 3/Level 1 (Intermediate)
  • Level 1 (Higher Intermediate)
  • Level 2 (Advanced)

More details

  • Learners on the Homes for Ukraine or Ukrainian Family Scheme visas are eligible for these courses.
  • These courses are free to those on Universal Credit, or with an income of less than £18,525 per year. There is a resource fee of £30 (however, bursaries may be available).
  • It may also be possible to apply for a travel bursary if living more than 3 miles from college.

Find out more about Financial Support available

Other support and advice links


PBIC  is the first point of contact for those on the Homes for Ukraine visa scheme and can provide support for issues such as: accommodation, clothing, NI numbers, universal credit, finding jobs (any or profession-specific jobs), registering with schools and GPs, getting qualifications converted, counselling support, interpreting, social groups etc.

  • Bedford ESOL Advice Service supports all potential ESOL learners in Bedford Borough by assessing their ESOL needs and signposting to providers
  • BRASS online summer school and IELTS and OET prep. They will also fund the first attempt of an IELTS or OED exam
  • PBIC – language classes, including 24-hour English for Integration classes
  • Noah Academy– in-person classes, including a Summer School, including evening lessons in the summer
  • 1mpact– ESOL classes in Kempston at Project 229
  • King’s Arms Project– ESOL community integration classes, including literacy and 1-1 tuition