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Science & Digital Skills at The Bedford College Group

Applied Science Intermediate (Level 2).

Science and tech skills empower critical thinking

In an increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced world, the significance of science and digital skills cannot be overstated. These courses serve as the gateway to understanding and navigating the complexities of our rapidly evolving global landscape.

Science education fosters critical thinking and problem-solving, empowering individuals to engage with the world analytically. Our study programmes offer the opportunity to specialise in a number of different technical pathways.

Digital skills equip young minds with the tools to harness the power of technology, enabling them to communicate, collaborate, and innovate better than ever before. We teach the latest skills and techniques accredited by the world’s leading IT companies.

We’re passionate about showing employers the benefits of science & digital skills

We collaborate with numerous employers across the region, fostering positive partnerships that mutually enhance the prosperity of both local businesses and the broader community. We are dedicated to showcasing the advantages that involvement in education can bring to businesses.


Working with The Bedford College Group

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The Bedford College Group is actively addressing climate change by minimizing its environmental footprint, contributing to economic growth through the provision of green skills, and motivating both students and staff to engage in climate action.

Sustainability at The Bedford College Group

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