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Direct Debit Script

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Paperless Direct Debit - Telephone Script

As the customer has agreed to pay their fees by Direct Debit and the instalments have been set up in ProSolution, with the first payment being taken by card, please follow the following script to capture the required information to set up the Direct Debit over the phone.

OK thank you. To avoid delay and to save you having to fill in any paperwork I can set up your Direct Debit Instruction right now over the phone. Would that be helpful?

Payer agrees.

Please can you confirm that you hold a UK bank / building society account and you are the account holder?

If no, seek another method of payment.

If yes, proceed.

Can I confirm that you are the only person required to authorise debits from this account?

If more than one person is required to authorise debits on the account, send them a DDI mandate for them both to sign and close call.