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Game Development HNC (Full time)

Tresham College Games Design FE


Game Development HNC (Full time)

The game industry is now a larger contributor to the global economy than the film industry. From casual mobile games produced by individual developers, to major AAA titles produced by large studios, gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people of all ages.

Working in the games industry requires a range of knowledge and skills that span design, programming, marketing and business. Understanding the social trends that drive interest in different forms of gaming is essential to provide a business rationale for game development and the starting point for producing the concept, art and documentation that will convince others to support a game idea.

Through this course, students will develop the underlying knowledge and skills that will enable them to begin their journey in the games industry. Combining research, design and programming, students will explore both the knowledge, design and technical skills required to progress within the growing games sector.

The Level 4 modules lay the foundation of learning by providing a broad introduction to games and different game design and development functions. This develops and strengthens core skills while preparing students for specialist subjects at Level 5 or to enter employment with the qualities necessary for job roles that require some personal responsibility.

Students will gain a wide range of games development knowledge linked to practical skills gained through research, independent study, directed study and workplace scenarios. Students are involved in vocational activities that help them to develop behaviours (the attitudes and approaches required for a competence) and transferable skills. Transferable skills are those such as communication, teamwork, research and analysis, which are highly valued in higher education and in the workplace.

By the end of Level 4, students will have sound knowledge of the basic concepts of game development. They will be competent in a range of subject-specific skills as well as in general skills and qualities relevant to key areas of game development.

Course information

Need to know

Entry requirements

A relevant qualification at level 3.

What qualification will I gain?

Pearson BTEC Level 4 HNC in Games Design.

How will I be assessed?

Continuous across multiple projects through coursework.

Course content

What will I study?

Module A: Process & Practice made of 2 units, A1 and A2

A1: Concept & Development:

  • A1.1 Explore the history, theories and developments of Game Design. (Where not applicable, please list all areas of study)
  • A1.2 Explore and develop ideas, based on an iterative approach to problem solving in creative practice.
  • A1.3 Explore technical knowledge and skills necessary to support creative practice.
  • A1.4 Explore professional knowledge, behaviours and practices within the sector.
  • A1.5 Explore techniques, media and formats to communicate ideas and concepts for diverse audiences.

A2: Creative Project:

  • A2.1 Apply relevant contextual knowledge to inform a creative project.
  • A2.2 Analyse a given brief to develop creative solutions, applying an iterative development process.
  • A2.3 Apply technical knowledge and skill in the production of a project outcome.
  • A2.4 Demonstrate professional knowledge, behaviours and practices in response to a given brief.
  • A2.5 Present the development process and outcomes of a creative project for a specified audience.

Next steps

Course progression:

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Games Design.

Career progressions:

Roles in Production (director, assistant director, creative director, artist, animator, matte painter, editor), Creative (designer, artist, concept artist, layout artist, creative director, artist, designer, script writer), Management (producer, project manager, publisher, co-ordinator, producer, project manager), Technical (technical artist, VFX supervisor, compositor) and/or Support (, tester, community manager, paint prep, runner, tester, community manager, researcher, health and safety).

Additional information


Not required but a PC at home capable of running 3DSMax, Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity, ZBrush etc. would be valuable.

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Starts: 23/09/2024
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