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Connolly Centre for Modern Construction

Connolly Centre

The Connolly Centre for Modern Construction based at Bedford College is the Group’s brand-new £4.3m modern methods of construction centre.

The specialist centre has been funded by SEMLEP who contributed £2.9m as part of their Getting Building Fund and the Connolly Foundation who donated £750,000 towards the project, as well as being funded using The Bedford College Group’s own resources.

Future of the industry

Premanufacturing homes and shipping them to a building site has been identified as the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting the huge demand for housing, and Bedford College’s Centre will provide this “offsite” construction training to meet the industry needs of the future.

David Wilkins, Director of Construction at The Bedford College Group, said “There are huge opportunities here for training young people for great jobs in the future – be it 16-year-olds embarking on apprenticeships, those undertaking the new T-Levels, others progressing on to degree-level higher education courses, and those in the industry who want to modernise their skills.”


The Connolly Centre for Modern Construction houses a range of state-of-the-art equipment used in modern methods of construction enabling students to get hands-on experience.

FRAMA™ 5600

The FRAMA™ 5600 is a dedicated machine for manufacturing frame and truss components. It is ideal for manufacturing heavier and wider sectioned frame and trusses.

The FRAMA™ 5600 can produce up to 800m of framing per hour and is designed for a gauge range of up to 1.6mm. The machine also features Howick’s unique end-bearing stud detail for load-bearing frames.

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Street Crane Overhead Crane

The overhead crane has a high lifting capability and can lift up to 25 tonnes. It is used to move heavy and large objects through different stages of the production process and can be used to load manufactured components onto transportation to be shipped to the construction site.

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Fimal P350 Sliding Table saw

An industrial level sliding table panel saw for cutting sheet material or timber.

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AL-KO 250 Extractor unit

The AL-KO Power Unit 250 is a high-performance compact unit that works as a mobile extraction system. The AL-KO Power Unit 250 is a pure air dust extractor and promotes occupational health and industrial safety. These machines are used in a variety of industries including carpenters’ workshops and plastics processing plants.

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Stromab TR 500 Matrix

The Stromab TR 500 Matrix is a cut-off saw with an electronic push feed system and controlled axis. The machine allows up to 40% more production than standard cut-off saws.

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