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Your College Needs YOU! - zoom in to talk

Buchanan Centre
The success of The Bedford College Group in winning the FE College of the Year Award has been made possible only through the support of employers.

By listening and learning, we have been able to adapt our curriculum and programmes, offers and courses, to meet your demands.

That interaction, where employees/trainees/students move freely from workplace to college and back again, is even more fluid now because of the increase in online learning/working from home which has resulted from lockdowns.

The use of online meetings and presentations can also be to our mutual advantage.

We are always seeking speakers from industry to link up with businesses, now this can be done via Teams or Zoom, so takes less of a toll on your busy schedule.

Similarly, setting students projects which add value to your business can be easily done, updated and progressed via online sessions.

Buchanan Centre

The more our students can hear from people in business and industry, the better prepared they will be for that day when they join the workplace. In turn, you can use the interaction to gain insights into how young audiences, employees of the future and even customers regard your business. In effect a combination of focus group meets training session.

If you would like to engage more closely with your local FE College, and remember we have courses across STEM, agricultural, outdoor activities, care, journalism, the arts and so much more, then let us know.

The Bedford College Group in Bedfordshire comprises of:

  • Bedford College
  • The Bedford Sixth Form
  • Shuttleworth College
  • and the Kempston Plumbing & Gas and Motor Vehicle Technology Centre
  • plus The Bedford Learning Centre
  • Brooks  High Street Hair and Beauty training salon

Gina Bubbins Director of Business Development

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