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UPS students brave the night’s cold

UPS students brave the night's cold PR story

Seven of our uniformed public services students and two members of staff have recently completed a  “Sleeping Rough challenge” after weathering last night’s wintry conditions at  the Kettering Tresham College grounds.

The seven students and two staff members, were taking part in the event which was carried out as part of their Group Project module; the learners being required to identify a worthy cause to champion, then explore ways of raising the awareness or money for their chosen charity.

After fierce debate, the group decided to support local homeless charities in Kettering and Corby. The group was very mindful that one night would not allow them to fully understand what it is like to face such hardship but would help them consider the difficulties that many who are sleeping rough, experience.

Before beginning their challenge yesterday afternoon, it was decided that they would have a limited amount of cold food and one hot drink to keep up their spirits. The group then settled down by the college entrance until the college closed for the evening. This gave them the chance to talk to visitors of the college, other staff and fellow students about the challenge; yielding great success, as a number of donations were collected during this time.

This is what Tony Delve (One of our UPS tutors) had to say about the challenge:

It was a cold night and I think each student found the night quite challenging due to the conditions, the fact that  we were greeted by a beautifully clear and frosty sunrise was an unexpected bonus though

If you’d still like to donate money to this great cause, their charity bucket has been left with reception at our Kettering campus.

UPS students brave the night's cold PR story
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