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Tresham student wins creative contract

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An Art and Design student at Tresham College has been selected to illustrate a new children’s book which will hopefully be published later this year.

Gemma Tetley, 18, from Desborough has been chosen by local Author Sarah Walsh to illustrate her new children’s book ‘Hazel Bean learns to take turns.’

Author Sarah from Kettering has worked in pre-school and children’s education for many years and decided to write a series of books aimed at 2-5 years olds featuring character Hazel Bean.

Tresham College Art & Design Student Gemma

Sarah approached the Tresham College Art & Design Department for help and they took the opportunity to incorporate the challenge into their course curriculum. Students submitted their designs of Hazel Bean from a brief and Gemma’s illustrations were chosen for the publication.

“Brilliant images are essential for a children’s book to help draw them into the story.  Gemma’s designs were amazing, she has captured the cheeky character of Hazel perfectly,” said Sarah.

The books are fun but also help to guide parents, and anyone who is supporting children’s learning, through issues such as sharing and learning to take turns. The first publication ‘Hazel Bean learns to take turns’ will be available on Amazon once complete.

Guy Newton, Head of Creative Art & Media at Tresham College believes working on industry briefs such as this are important for students.

“We regularly work with external organisations as industry briefs give our students great work experience. Production deadlines and having to adapt ideas for a client helps to prepare students for working in the industry,” said Guy.

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