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Thinking “off stage” for careers

Thinking “off stage” for careers PR Story

A report in the national press said that “British theatre is on the brink of collapse”, with 70% of performing arts companies likely to be out of business before the end of the year and 1,000 theatres insolvent.

A tragedy that even Shakespeare wouldn’t have penned. The answers now lie in creativity and embracing technology if actors and their support casts are to remain gainfully employed in the future.

Thinking “off stage” for careers PR Story

Three alternative routes to consider for a career in acting:

Be Your Own Boss – the best acting courses will encourage students to think about how to win work by staging shows for schools or other social groups. Live or online…

Take up Technology – be a self-employed creative posting your own productions. The National Theatre has seen its work reach a much wider audience through showing films in cinemas.

Interchangeable Career Skills – No one will have a “job for life” anymore so understand how those public speaking and presentation skills can be good use in other areas of employment.

In addition to alternatives to “live” theatre, the film and “television” world is changing fast – opening up huge opportunities. It has just been announced that the latest Tom Hanks movie Greyhound will be released on Apple TV Plus by Sony – instead of in cinemas. With this and platforms like Netflix adding to the mix, there are ever more opportunities for young talent to break through.

Director of the Arts at The Bedford College Group Toby Clark said: “The show must go on, and will go on.

“In fact, having been locked-down for so long will perhaps make people more appreciative of live theatre in large or small spaces. Here we encourage talented students to be the best they can in their craft, but also to consider where the employment or entrepreneurial opportunities lie ahead.

We are working with resilient local arts organisations to ensure that our students learn the latest skills and practices that will be needed in the future. One such organisation is The Place Theatre in Bedford.

Alex Levene of The Place said: “The value of the arts to society and individuals will be recognised even more when this emergency has receded, and we all come together to make sense of what we have lived through.”

Considering a career in the performing arts? Sign up here for our virtual open day.

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