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Student Entrepreneurs at Tresham College

Tresham College Kettering Campus

Two Tresham College students are blazing a trail in the digital world whilst still studying at college.



Student Entrepreneur outside Tresham college campus.
Student Entrepeneur outside Tresham College Kettering campus

Digital entrepeneurs

Bright Aimule, 18 from Kettering is a Year 2 Games Design student but in his spare time he is a shining star of social media. With 900,000 followers Bright has been sponsored by tech giants CapCut to produce TikTok content using their all-in-one video editor. With a huge earning potential, Bright is sensibly saving his income at the moment and plans to expand his skills into the world of digital finance once he has completed his course this year.

Isobel Aldersey, 18 and also from Kettering is an international success in the world of digital illustration. Currently completing her first year of Level 3 Production Arts, Isobel works as a freelance illustrator and has received commissions for her artwork from all over the world, including the Netherlands, Norway and Australia.

You can see their work and follow:

Bright on TikTok @master.tng

and Isobel on Instagram @bigbearum

“It’s amazing to discover we have such successful digital entrepreneurs in class! I hope some of the skills they have learned with us in college can help them with their future careers,”

said Emma Boulton Roe, Head of Department at Tresham College.

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