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Six of the very best

Student singing onstage in the musical 'Six'.

The end of the year show by Bedford College students of performing arts won rave reviews.

The “Teen” version of the stories of the six wives of Henry VIII has great songs for every cast member in an exciting, fast-paced performance.

The show focusses on what is often overlooked in the history books about the lives of the wives. Catherine of Aragon was Queen for years and was responsible for many important works, Anne Boleyn got in over her head, Jane Seymour was just so young when she died after giving birth to a son and Heir, Anne of Cleeves came out best with a bumper pay-off in the divorce, Catherine Howard is represented as a girl who was sexually groomed from an early age and Catherine Parr survived the King to go on and be happily married with another.

The modern take on the “Tinder” trail of Henry VIII makes this a fantastic, funny show.

Said one audience member: “I saw a professional show in Northamptonshire, it wasn’t a patch on the college production.”

If you want to up-skill your lifetime prospects, then consider a course in the performing arts at The Bedford College Group.

Said Dannie Stone of Performing Arts: “Six was a collaborative piece producing professional standard work on stage with lighting, sound, set and makeup students. So credit goes to all those involved.”

Student singing onstage in the musical 'Six'.
Student singing onstage in the musical 'Six'.
Students onstage in the musical 'Six'.
Student singing in the musical 'Six'.

Excellent Progression

Student progression across Performing & Production Arts courses this academic year included places won in Production, Musical Theatre & Acting at:

  • Rada
  • Lamda
  • GSA
  • Mountview, Court Theatre, Brighton Met
  • ICT,
  • LMA
  • Middlesex University
  • Chichester University.
Centre stage for talented Tresham Students

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