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Research and Development upgrade at The Bedford College Group


Dr Mahruf Shohel has joined The Bedford College Group (TBCG) as the Research and Development Manager.

He previously worked in research, teaching and development roles in several universities including Cambridge, Manchester, Sussex, Glasgow, Leicester, Sunderland, Aberystwyth, the Open University, and Bucks New University, as well as organisations including UNICEF.

It is a priority to make research, innovation and growth an integral part of activities for all teaching staff across the Group. To achieve the Group’s strategic objectives, a Research & Development (R & D) strategy will be embedded in a way that creates a research-informed, teaching-focused, community-oriented, leading educational institution.

Dr. Mahruf Shohel.

More effective research

Through the proposed strategy, the Group will make a coherent set of interconnected choices about how to engage in and with research, more effectively.

The R & D priorities will be:

  • Building and fostering a research culture
  • Enhancing research engagement through research capacity building
  • Building a professional network through launching a researcher café
  • Developing a community of practice for practitioner researchers
  • Developing a researcher database both for staff and students
  • Promoting research through media and public engagement activities
  • Facilitating research-informed policy formulation and professional practice

“I am starting off by launching the new Research, Innovation and Evaluation Fund (BRIEF). 

“The R & D strategy will provide a blueprint for providing continuous effort in initiating research activities, and enhancement in the quality and quantity of research throughout The Bedford College Group”. 

said Dr Shohel.

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