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Prince's Trust at Bedford College

Bedford College Cauldwell Street Campus

The Bedford College Group has teamed up with the Prince’s Trust to help young people move onwards and upwards in their lives.

Already a proven success in the group via Tresham College in Northamptonshire, a 12-week team course is now being run at the Bedford College campus in Cauldwell Street, Bedford.

Led by experienced Prince’s Trust Team Leader Mark Williams, a group of young people are now working on a project they have titled “Fresh Start”. This will involve showing how they and others can move on and take up the opportunities and access to employment offered by further education.

As part of the project the Team are raising funds for the charities involved with the Hand Up not Hand Out multi-agency campaign to help the homeless in Bedford.

Mark, said:

Some of these young people have witnessed homelessness first hand or among their friends and wanted to do something to help. They are working with official charities like Emmaus at Carlton and the new Clarence House Hostel in St John’s Street, Bedford.

As part of their activities the Prince’s Trust Team were holding a fantasy football fund-raiser at the Bedford College campus on Wednesday June 13th and later plan a football tournament.

 All of their efforts will be showcased at a presentation evening at the end of the 12 week period, in keeping with the blueprint of the national Prince’s Trust Team plan.

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