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Pioneering T-Levels

Business Management students Bedford College

The Bedford College Group has been pioneering the work-placement element of the T-levels across Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire over the last year.

A total of 275 of students have completed more than 315 hours with employers as part of the pilot project. Some of the students have secured apprenticeships with the companies they were placed with. From September more than 500 are now signed up and are seeking 315 hours of work-placement activity.

Leading the project is Director Tony Joyce at The Group who has worked on a wide range of projects where employers were encouraged to “test drive” potential employees before making the commitment of offering them a job.

We work very closely with employers across the college, with ALL our students being encouraged to complete 20 hours of work experience during their courses. T-levels are evolving as we speak, and our Group is bringing its expertise to bear in dealing with employers as well the challenges of meeting work-placements hours for students who may have part-time jobs or home life commitments.

The full T-levels will be run by The Bedford College Group from September 2021.

Note: The FULL T-levels are being piloted by 50 organisations including private providers, academies and colleges from September 2020.

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