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New Director of Engineering and Motor Vehicle

Buchanan Centre

Advances in modern educational approaches to teaching and tutoring engineering subjects are now in top gear at The Bedford College Group.

New Director of Engineering and Motor Vehicle Dr. Mohammad Milani has a wealth of expertise in this area and will be developing further degree-level learning opportunities as he speeds up the curriculum, teaching and learning practices to keep pace with the over-taking demand for skills in these areas across the UK.

Mohammed Milani, Engineering Director

Mohammad received his Master of Engineering (M.Eng) and Doctorate (Ph.D) from one of the UK’s top universities, The University of Birmingham. He has spent years in Electronics Engineering related industries and is an expert in educational management at higher education and further education.

“There are great opportunities here at The Bedford College Group which is already in the fast lane as a regional provider of engineering and motor vehicle training. We will be driving faster to match young people’s education with industry opportunities,” said Mohammad, who was previously working at the Heart of Worcestershire College and remains an External Examiner and a leader for number of UK Universities as well as Pearson, in all educational training standards.


The Bedford College Group includes the Advanced Engineering Buchanan Centre at Cauldwell Street, Bedford; the Advanced Automotive Technology Centre in Brunel Road, Bedford and mirror unit across Tresham College campuses in Northants and the National College for Motorsport at heart of British motor racing in Silverstone, Northants.

“We have access to 100s of employers who are crying out for more and better engineering education and training which can lead young people into great careers in some of the most important industries in the country,”

added Mohammad.

If you are interested in a career in teaching engineering, or want to train for one of the most valued career areas in the UK visit

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