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National HE role for Alex

Buchanan Centre

Alex Mortby, Vice Principal of The Bedford College Group for Curriculum and Higher Education,

has been appointed as one of a panel of experts for the national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) assessments.

Graeme Rosenberg, Head of Compliance and Student Protection, Office for Students (OfS)* said: 

“The panel brings together an impressive breadth and depth of independent academic expertise, and experience in representing students, from all parts of the higher education sector.

“The panel’s job will be to decide the ratings for providers that are due to take part in the TEF by making submissions in January 2023. 

“TEF ratings: A TEF rating of Bronze, Silver or Gold is awarded to a provider, depending on how far it delivers an excellent experience and outcomes for its undergraduate students.

“TEF  … relies on the expert judgement of the panel with a breadth and depth of expertise across diverse educational contexts, and with a focus on what matters to students.

“In recruiting the TEF Panel, I was struck by the dedication and depth of expertise of so many people wanting to join. What we have is a panel of experts from all types of providers including universities of different sizes and shapes, small and specialist institutions, further education colleges and independent providers. A third of the members are students, bringing a wide range of experience in representing the interests of students from all backgrounds.”

Climate grant group sitting.
Raising the profile of HE

Alex has been helping to raise the profile of The Bedford College Group as a provider of HE, and degree-level learning across a range of subjects.

This has included colleagues taking part in national promotions such as these Pearson videos on YouTube:

Gordon’s learning journey

Upskilling employees

HN Online (now called Learning Hub)

Implementing HN Flex

Delivering HN Flex

What else is going on?

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