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Knightsbridge helps students

Electrical Installation

Students at Bedford College are getting to grips with their hands-on electrical installation work with renewed enthusiasm thanks to Knightsbridge, one of the UK’s leading brands of wiring devices, accessories and lighting.

The company donated a substantial quantity of wiring accessories to the college to help students complete this important part of their curriculum.

Steven Croft, Head of Engineering, explains:

“This is an opportunity for our students to work with quality components. They can install, uninstall and work on the products time and time again. This donation from Knightsbridge has been massive for us.”

Electrical Adults Part-time

Great feedback

The Bedford College Group has hundreds of engineering and electrical students, many already apprentices or those working on the practical side of the course. Facilities include 22 installation bays where various commercial, industrial and domestic environments can be simulated to give students hands-on  experience.

“The feedback we’ve had from students about the Knightsbridge kit has been both amazing and enlightening. They clearly respect working with quality equipment and hence value what they’re doing so much more,” continues Steven.

Rhys Phillips, the Knightsbridge Channel Manager responsible for the tie-up with the college Group, comments:

“We are delighted to have been able to provide The Bedford College Group and the students with this donation. And we are pleased the students responded well to the equipment.”

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