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It IS rocket science

Buchanan Centre

Access to apprenticeships with international giant Lockheed Martin is on offer through The Bedford College Group, heard parents at the £5.2 Million riverside Advanced Engineering Centre.

Careers in engineering and many other fields at the global giant, such as finance, can be reached via the conduit of the college.

It IS rocket science PR Story

To demonstrate the paths which can be taken as an alternative to university, Mark Lawson, explained how he started as an apprentice at what was then Hunting Engineering and is now Head of Engineering Technical Facilities at Lockheed Martin UK – Ampthill.

I attended Bedford College at the Mander Site and today I am so committed to the quality of training on offer that I am a Governor of the College,” Mark told mums, dads and teenagers at the event,

Just as an example, I worked on the Beagle 2 which landed on Mars on 2003. Who can say their career has taken their work to another planet?

An apprenticeship which progresses on to Higher Education means a degree without the debt, you are earning while you are learning and at the age when others are coming out of university with no work experience you have all that under your belt and more.

Lockheed Martin UK – Ampthill which employs 900 people offers a range of apprentices in engineering, electrical and electronics. There are progression paths on to BSc degrees – which can funded by the company – rather than via student loans.

Gina Bubbins Director of Employer Engagement at The Bedford College Group said:

We are staging a series of events around National Apprenticeship Week which starts on Monday 4 March to demonstrate to parents and young people just how this route into employment can be. It is not a second class option, it is a quality alternative to university which combines valuable work experience with study.

The Bedford College Group is taking part in various events during National Apprenticeship “ eek” which starts on Monday 4 March including an event in Milton Keynes on Tuesday 12 March. Full details of how to pursue an apprenticeship visit

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