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Introducing students to coding

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Coding is the core of all computer work and the skills required are being taught in 15 schools in Northamptonshire by former Tresham College student James Green.

James, and his partner Louise Green, are both part of Jam Coding, a UK-wide franchise. Jam Coding is dedicated to encouraging children to embrace coding though fun methods of teaching so that the UK can meet the massive demands for these technical skills.

James works closely with Tresham College campus at Corby, while Louise mentors students at the Kettering campus to give a total of seven vital work experience opportunities working with children at Key Stage 1 and 2 in school classrooms. As part of these placements students teach game building, animation, movie-making, robotics, Python and Java scripting.

They hope soon to be able to offer employment to their first apprentice.

Said James, Area Director for Jam Coding, Peterborough:

“It’s great to be able to work with my old college and encourage the coders, technicians, trainers and teachers of tomorrow.”

Jam coding at Tresham College

James, aged 42, now lives in Great Oakley, Corby. He studied Catering, Hospitality and Business Management at Tresham College before going on to work in Germany and Canada.

Nick Hayward, former Head of Science and Digital Technologies and now Curriculum Director at Tresham College, Kettering said:

“James is great example of how computer skills can be embraced and turned into a career by people of all ages. We are grateful to have former students who are now in business keeping in touch with our college so we can learn from them.”

Tresham College is part of The Bedford College Group and offers a wide range of computer and IT training.

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