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Freeing up job chances in Kettering

A member of staff helping someone using a computer.

FREE computer courses are being made available to people right in the heart of Kettering town centre.

A new Learning Centre is now open at 9-10 Newland Street offering no-cost courses in Microsoft Office 2016: Word, Excel and PowerPoint leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

Freeing up jobs in Kettering PR story

“These courses help people secure employment or promotions at work,” explained Learning Centre Manager Peter Burton,

“We also run complete beginner courses for those who have never touched a keyboard. This can include training on improving your English spelling and so on. This is very important for those who may not had the best experience at school but want to make up for it now as adults. Everyone is welcome here already 100 have signed up and we have room for 200 more.

“People have to come for only a few hours a week, this can include Saturday mornings to complete the work. We have advisors here to take them through every step.”

The Learning Centre is based on the successful model run by The Bedford College Group across Beds, Bucks and previously in Rushden, Northants.

Now Tresham College is part of The Bedford College Group, it was decided to open this facility in Kettering.

Said Peter: “These centres have proved a door way to a new life for 1,000s of people who have gone on to gain employment where they thought they had no chance, or gained in confidence and been able to win promotions or salary increases. Please don’t let the fact  you have never used a computer stop you from coming through our door.”

Picture shows the Mayor of Kettering cuts the cake marking the official opening of the Kettering Learning Centre by The Bedford College Group.

Kettering Learning Centre 0153 413304

In addition: People unemployed and in receipt of benefits can easily progress on to further free courses offered by Tresham College in Accounting (AAT), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Budgeting, Maths & English functional skills and Work Skills

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