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FE sector teacher training boost from The Bedford College Group

Teacher Education at The Bedford College Group

Teacher Training for the Further Education sector has been given a boost by a partnership between The Bedford College Group with The University of Huddersfield which was launched on June 22nd.

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Director of the Education and Training Consortium

Dr Lynn Senior

“We are looking forward to The Bedford College Group joining the Consortium family. This is a really exciting partnership for the university and will provide professional training and recognition for teachers and trainers within the Further Education and Skills sector, and the opening up of doors to further career progression.”

Alex Mortby, Director of Higher Education at TBCG, said:

“This is major step for us in encouraging people to think about passing their valuable knowledge and work experience skills on to the next generation.

“People can start on the teacher training course, for which they do not need a degree. In some cases they can even start work and study alongside a range of courses eventually completing their full degree, and continue post-graduate studies up to a Level 6 or Masters.

“This is real break through and an opportunity for people who have vital expertise and skills they want to share. We want to harness this and help them share as teachers or lecturers in the FE college sector.”

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