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Black Heroes Exhibition

Black heroes new 270721

Bedford College students contributed to an exhibition of art celebrating black heroes and heroines which is staged at The Quarry Theatre, St Peter’s Street until Sunday 1st August.

Black heroes new 270721

Carmela Martiello, SpectaculArts member and Personal Achievement Tutor in Art & Design Bedford College organised the exhibition.

She worked with Bedford College Governor and SpectaculArts Director Sharon De Leonardis on the project which included international sculptor Donald Brown of

Local author Desmond Clarke was there with his book ‘Stolen Inheritance’, a work which developed from his studies in to African history.

Desmond is a former “Mander College” (as Bedford College was called in the 20th Century) student. He praised the encouragement he received as a mature student signing up to take a GCSE in English in 1991. Going from strength to strength he progressed to A Levels, then a degree at university and finally a Masters.

Now he is a published author on a subject of global significance.

“It is my hope my book will challenge, stimulate, inspire and entertain readers.”  or via Amazon