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Ayesha is in top 10% of Engineers

Ayesha is in top 10% of Engineers

Ayesha Iqbal has achieved the elevated status of Senior Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

IEEE is world’s largest technical professional organisation working for the advancement of technology, and ‘SMIEEE’ is the highest rank one can achieve at IEEE. This grade is achieved by only 10% of the 400,000 members of the organisation and according to the President and CEO Susan K Land: “requires extensive experience and reflects professional maturity and document achievements of significance.”

Ayesha has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, served as a Lecturer at Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan for nine years, and is currently serving as a Course Manager and Lecturer in Engineering at The Bedford College Group, based at the Buchanan Advanced Engineering Centre in Bedford.

During 10 years of her professional experience, Ayesha has produced seven publications including a book chapter, served as a reviewer for various International Conferences & Organisations, as a judge at engineering project competitions, as an external examiner for Thesis Evaluation, and as a Subject Specialist in various different organisations.

Her journey with IEEE started in 2010 when she joined IEEE UET Student Chapter as a Co-chair of Membership Committee as well as a member of WIE (Women in Engineering). Besides being a Professional Member during last few years, she has published papers at IEEE and has also served as a Reviewer for IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials. She has been a member of IEEE Young Professional, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society & IEEE Communications Society as well.

Ayesha Iqbal bedford college

“It is a matter of great pleasure and honour for me to be associated with the world’s largest technical professional organisation for Electrical & Electronic Engineers and I look forward to continuing my collaboration with IEEE at even greater heights,”

“When I was lecturing in University in Pakistan, many more of my students were young women who saw engineering as a valuable career. The female students I taught in Pakistan are also working as teachers as well as engineers in well-known companies. I wish to encourage females in UK also to become engineers and work in industry, teaching and research.”

said Ayesha, aged 33, who looks forward to encouraging more young females in UK to join the field of Engineering.

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