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AI on BBC TV with college input

AI BBC story

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the top of the agenda.

The Bedford College Group is putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the top of the agenda in teaching and learning including being involved in a BBC documentary series which will be screened in April.


AI BBC story
AI BBC filming

Enhancing student learning

Vice Principal Nina Sharp welcomed the BBC TV presenter Janine Machin to speak with inspirational maths and English tutors who use the Century Tech AI to enhance their classes and student learning.


Exploring the implications of AI

In the meantime, the Group hosted an important symposium on March 22nd to encourage staff and students to embark on a transformative journey at Tresham College’s Kettering campus, in collaboration with MKAI.

Hosted by the Group’s Northamptonshire Principal Robin Webber-Jones and Adam Godfrey Head of Digital Experience, this enlightening event gave people a chance to explore AI’s profound implications.

What else is going on?

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