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£2 Million a year in student grants

Pat Jones and Stephen Walker in front of Bedford College map.

Helping people to pursue their goals in education and employment is boosted each year with £2 Million in grants via The Bedford College Group.

The Group is able to administer funds from various Government sources which support students to complete their studies.

In addition money via generous organisations like The Connolly Foundation, who gave £33,000, support those in construction and care courses.

All of these are non-repayable grants or bursaries in addition to Government student learning loans which people can access for various Higher Education courses at the Group across Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

We helped 1,950 students in the last year. Of those just under 1,000 came from households with incomes less than the £16,190 per annum threshold used for Free College Meals. The help given included placing funds on eligible students ID cards so they can eat at various campus canteens or support towards the transport costs.

There is also aid for those hard-working families who fall in the middle, perhaps with wages of £30,000 but for whom transport and course-related trips are increasingly out of reach,”

explained Deputy Director of Finance Stephen Walker of The Bedford College Group.

“The cost of living is becoming increasingly challenging for ordinary families, but our grants can make a difference – not just for 16-18 year olds but also some of those adults returning to college so they can take up a new career and achieve their potential. 

“The cost of travel is becoming more of a challenge of course, so we do all we can to help those in need particularly to access our more remote campuses like Shuttleworth College in Central Beds and our National College for Motorsport at Silverstone, Northants.”

Pat Jones and Stephen Walker holding '£2 million' sign.

The Bedford College Group finance team, led by Executive Director Pat Jones, has a national reputation for fiscal excellence and remains one of the few colleges that has consistently demonstrated outstanding money management.

“Under the long term leadership of CEO Ian Pryce CBE, the priority of the Group has always been to make the very best of our resources to provide the best service to the community we serve. We are here to help people achieve their full potential through post-16 education,”

said Pat Jones.

Across the Group, travel bursaries are available, subject to conditions.
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