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Tips for maintaining a work-study-social balance

Students at Bedford College Group
There’s no doubt that being a student is hard. Managing studying, personal life and perhaps, a job can feel near enough impossible.

So, here are our tips on how to find the perfect balance:

Time management
  • One of the most important aspects of achieving balance is managing your time effectively. Utilising tools such as calendars, planners and phone apps can be a great way to keep an updated schedule that will help you stay on top of your commitments.
  • When creating your schedule, it’s important that you list out every single thing that you have to do; including assignments, studying, college and work hours as well as socialising. This way you can organise tasks accordingly and reduce the risk of leaving important tasks until the last minute.
Be flexible but realistic

Unfortunately, you’re not a superhuman (we assume!) So it’s not always possible to have time to do everything on your agenda. Review your priorities and plan according to your deadlines and exam dates – making sure that you’ve given yourself enough time to complete your tasks to avoid the stress of last-minute work.

It’s also important that you don’t over-work yourself – productivity is key but so is a good night’s sleep and spending time with friends and family!

Procrastination is the enemy

We’ve all fallen victim to the monster that is procrastination. Although you may think your revision session is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip or rearrange your bedroom, we can assure you it’s not. So, put your phone away (preferably somewhere far, far away) and find a location to work in where you find yourself being most focused. This could be the Library at college, a coffee shop, or at home. The perfect location for studying is highly subjective therefore you shouldn’t fit your study sessions into an environment that doesn’t suit your learning style.

Don’t overload yourself with too many tasks

If you decide to work whilst attending college, it’s essential that you are working hours that are manageable. If possible, try to find a part-time job which allows you to choose your work hours. This will allow you to prioritise your education and allow time for socialisation. If you do not have the option of working a part-time role, you may have to consider part-time courses or online learning.


As a student, it’s likely that you will experience stress at some stages in your college journey. That’s why it’s important to not neglect the things that you love. In fact, various research has proven that socialising is beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

Even if you have the most jam-packed schedule, make the effort to move a few things around every now and then so you can spend time unwinding with your nearest and dearest.

Review your schedule

Reviewing and reassessing your schedule is a great way to recognise whether you need to adjust your timetable in order to maintain a healthy balance of work-study-social.

If you are struggling to find your perfect balance, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your tutors, student services team and classmates are all here to support you.