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How to make friends in College

Tresham College

Many of you will have been at your secondary schools since year 7, so this will be a big change!

Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve needed to make new friends at school or college.

There’s no right or wrong in this topic and no specific art to it.

A good tip is always to be yourself, and coming to College may also give you the chance for a fresh start. The best thing about College is that everyone will be more or less in the same situation.

Engineering students Tresham College
Have a look at some of our tips:
  • Speak to people in your classes

This may seem obvious, but it is a useful tip. You may find people who have interests in common, and one thing you will have in common is that everyone’s new to the class.

  • Meet your friends’ friends

This may potentially give you access to a whole new range of people, and best of all, you’re meeting them through people you already know and like.

  • Speak to Someone Who’s on Their Own

Chances are, there may be people who don’t know anyone – use this as an opportunity to say hello.

Cauldwell Campus students
  • Be Approachable

You won’t be the only person feeling shy or a little overwhelmed. Keep your body language open and smile.

  • Ask Open Questions

People like talking about themselves and their interests. Asking open questions (how, why etc.) and avoiding yes/no conversations can be useful in getting to know someone.

  • Join Clubs and Societies

This is another way to find people who share your interest and hobbies – giving you something to talk about.

See you soon!

Whatever you decide to do, look at this change as positive and feel excited for your next steps - we're looking forward to meeting you!