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Travel Bursary

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Worried about Travel costs?

Full-time students aged 16–18 and living more than three miles from College may be entitled to subsidised travel from their local authority. If your local authority is unable to help, and you have a household income less than £30,000, the College has a Travel Bursary worth up to £600 which you may qualify for.*

Aged 19 or over with a household income of £30,000 or less? If you’re not eligible for other transport support and have applied for an eligible study programme, you will also qualify for the Travel Bursary.

*Please note these are subject to review and can change

What does the travel bursary mean for me?



Bedford College & Tresham College students: 

If you qualify, your bursary will be paid in 10 monthly instalments directly to your bank account. This is to be used towards the cost of travelling to and from College.

Shuttleworth College students

Your payment will be used to offset the cost of the Shuttleworth bus service, rather than paid directly to you. You will still need to pay the remaining subsidised rate after the bursary has been deducted. Shuttleworth buses are subsidised for all full-time students aged 16-18, so if you don’t qualify for the bursary, you may still access the Shuttleworth bus service. The Travel Bursary subsidy is under constant revue. The College cannot confirm what arrangements will be in place in future years. Whether in receipt of a travel bursary or not, Bus services will remain available to all Shuttleworth students at unsubsidised rates.