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November 2021 GCSE Maths and English Results

Adult English at Bedford College (2021 Photoshoot)

The November GCSE Maths and English results are released at 8.30am on Thursday 13 January 2022

All learners who sat their examinations with the Bedford College Group can access their results via the following link to Proportal from 8.30am on Thursday 13th January.


Proportal is also accessible via Moodle

We advise all learners to check their access Proportal in advance using their college password.  Any problems with access should be reported to as soon as possible to avoid delay in getting your results.

Once in Proportal go to Meetings and Comments > My Comments


Go to ‘Recent My Comments’ – Your GCSE grades will be available to view.

Results documents will be posted to home addresses first class on Thursday 13th January.

We will not provide results by phone or email.

Certificates will be posted to learners early April 2022

If you need any further information or wish to speak to someone about your results please contact your GCSE subject teacher or Personal Achievement Tutor in the first instance.

We have put together some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close was I to the next grade?

To find out how many marks you were away from a grade; please contact your GCSE  tutor.

Will I be able to speak to anyone about my options if my grades are not what I was expecting?

Yes, please speak to your GCSE tutor who will happily discuss your options with you.

If I need further advice who can I contact?

Please contact the Maths and English staff by email

For Bedfordshire sites,(including Shuttleworth and Kempston)

For Tresham sites: (including Silverstone),

Why have I received an X grade?
  • This can be a variety of reasons – the main being that you did not attend the examination. If you did attend, the Exams Office will be able to investigate this further on your behalf. Please email : (Bedfordshire learners)  (Northamptonshire learners)

Please title your e-mail – GCSE Result Enquiry.

The English GCSE Speaking and Listening Endorsement Grade does not impact on the overall GCSE Grade. Some learners will have a speaking and listening endorsement grade recorded as X. In these instances the Bedford College Group and Pearson Awarding Body have found no record of previous achievement.

I would like to re-sit an exam, how do I do this?

Your GCSE tutors have been asked to make examination entries for Summer 2022 by Friday 4th February 2022. Please continue to attend all teaching sessions and ensure you tutor is aware you wish to re-sit.

How do I request a remark?

Before requesting a remark, you must speak to your course tutor as they will have further information on your exact score.

You may request a remark for any of your exam papers.  The Awarding Body charge a fee for this service.  The cost is £40.40 per paper.

The deadline to pay for a remark is Friday 4th February – Requests received after that date cannot be accepted.

The following information explains what may happen following an enquiry about a result and any subsequent appeal. If there is an enquiry or appeal about a result of one of your examinations after your subject grade has been issued, there are three possible outcomes:

  • our original mark is lowered, so your final grade may be lower than the original grade
  • Your original mark is confirmed as correct, so there is no change to your grade.
  • Your original mark is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade

If you decide that a review of marking is required you must use the following link to request and pay for your remark:

Please be aware that by requesting a remark you give my consent to the Exams Office to make an enquiry about the result of the examination. In giving consent you confirm you understand that the final subject grade awarded to you following an enquiry about the result and any subsequent appeal may be lower than, higher than, or the same as the grade which was originally awarded for the subject. i.e the grade can go down as well as up or may stay the same.

Remark fees are not refundable.

When will I know the result of my remark?

Usually you will be provided with the result of your remark within 25 calendar days.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates are delivered to the centre you sat your exams at by mid-March. Your certificate will be sent out directly to your home address.

I have moved house, how do I ensure my certificate goes to the correct address?

Certificates will be posted to the address we have on our system for you. If you have changed address please advise your tutor /Personal Achievement Tutor who will arrange for your address to be changed

English and maths Bedford College students

Contact information

If you have read our FAQ’s and spoken to your GCSE tutor/PAT but still have questions about your GCSE results please do not hesitate to contact the Maths and English Department via Email

For Bedfordshire sites (Including Shuttleworth and Kempston)

For Tresham sites (including Silverstone)

For all other enquiries please contact the College using LiveChat.