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Enrolment 2022

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Our enrolment process is designed to ensure you are enrolled on to the right course at the right level for you. On this page you will find a copy of our enrolment guides, a short video guide showing you how to enrol using our online system and answers to some of the FAQs you may have.

If you have any difficulties with enrolment or can’t find the answer to your question please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Contact Centre via LiveChat or by emailing

Frequently asked question about Online Enrolment

How do I upload a photo?

We request a photo for use on your lanyard once you start with us.

Photo upload – This document has to be an Image file – NOTE: only JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF files are allowed, 4MB maximum size. If your image is too big in size, you can open the image within Microsoft Paint and click the resize button. You can then resize by percentage by entering a value (50% for example) and clicking okay. 50% will make the image 50% smaller than original.

For guidance on how to upload your photo please watch our enrolment tutorial here.

How do I upload my ID Evidence?

Please upload an image file if possible, once again you can resize the image in Paint if it is over our maximum limit of 4mb. Please make sure to select an option in the ‘Type of evidence’ dropdown, click the ‘Choose File’ and select the image you need to upload. After you have selected this please click the ‘Upload’ button to attach this evidence to the form. The page will refresh and the attached document it will show in a small grid under the Evidence section.

I am having issues with the device I am using.

You can complete your enrolment using any device but you may find it easier as you have to upload using a PC.

Still experiencing issues?

Please don’t worry help is at hand, you can either make an appointment to come in and see us in person, so contact our enrolment support team using LiveChat, email or by calling us on 0345 658 8990

Music Technology Tresham College Students

Don't worry - your place is still secure

If you are experiencing problems with Stage 2 of the enrolment process don’t worry your place is still secure.

General frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay anything when I enrol?

If you are aged 16-18 on 31 August 2021, a British resident and studying at Level 2 or Level 3, your course is fully funded which means you don’t have to pay any tuition fees or exam registration fees.

How do I apply for financial support?

The Bedford College Group offers a range of financial support through our 16-19 bursaries to help young people where household income is £30,000 or less. Students must be aged 16-18 on 31 August 2021. For further information on the financial support available, please visit here.

We have five bursary schemes:

  • Course Cost Bursary
  • Discretionary Hardship Bursary
  • Meals Bursary
  • Travel Bursary
  • Vulnerable Learner Bursary

For further information on the support available and how to apply, please contact us via LiveChat via our website.

What if I don’t get the results I need?

Don’t worry if you don’t get the results you had hoped for, or you achieve better than you expected. Our Customer Contact Centre will be happy to give you information and advice about what you can do next. Contact us on LiveChat via our website or email

Are there any extra costs associated with my course?

Details about any costs for equipment, uniforms, trips/visits etc. and how to pay will have been discussed with you during your interview or Welcome Day. If there are any costs associated with your course you will also have received an email detailing any such costs and advising when you need to pay these.

My employer is paying my course fees, what do I need to bring?

So that we can complete your enrolment we will need a letter on company headed paper stating the amount to be paid and the address to be invoiced and/or a purchase order number. This can be uploaded during the online enrolment process.

What if I want to change my course or application?

Not a problem at all! Just contact our Customer Contact Centre on LiveChat via our website or email and we will do the rest.

When will my course or induction start?

All Full-time course inductions take place week commencing 6 September 2021 unless you are joining NC4M or Shuttleworth College. Your induction details will be confirmed via email, after you have enrolled online.